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DRONE: remote-controlled aircraft,

male worker-bee or:

four men, four individuals, no rules, no limits but one hell of a punch!

„It's about making music, that gets us and the people going, that makes you want to party like there's no tomorrow!"

Founded in 2004 the boys are spreading their thrash-hammer over the blue planet for nearly 10 years now. They call their style "101% sexmetal"!

Major skill: the powerful and devastating live-show, by which they established their international reputation in the metal-scene.

By releasing their fourth album, self titled "DRONE" (April 2014), they proof once more, that there is no chance getting bored by them. Like all previous records it has its very own character with a hand full of Rock 'n Roll, but still though, it's the typical heavy Drone-steamroller.



  • Marcelo Vasquez Rocha:
    lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Mutz Hempel: lead vocals, guitar
  • Fabian Harms: bass, backing vocals
  • Felix Hoffmeyer: drums
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